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Mold Inspections

We’ve been doing mold inspections for many many years here in the Bellingham area. Inspections include a basic thermal camera inspection which can help detect hidden moisture in the structure. Mold Inspections start at $295 in Whatcom County. Please fill out the form below to book. 


Thermal Imaging Meter

Moisture in walls is not always obvious. This is why we’ve chosen to invest in a Thermal Imaging Meter Test Instrument. Thermal imaging can show you hidden sources of potential moisture such as cold spots, leaks, missing insulation, etc. This is used in all our mold inspections and onsite consultations. 

Onsite Mold Consulting

Do you have an existing mold problem you are trying to solve yourself? Now you can schedule a consultation with our company President, Kevin Enderle. With 17 years experience in the mold mitigation industry and tons of practical experience solving mold problems in thousands of structures, he can help you solve your mold issues safely and permanently. Mold Consultations start at $250 in Whatcom County. 

Phone Consultations

Sometimes all you need is to talk it over with an expert. We now offer phone consultations without the expense of an onsite visit. Should an on site consultation be required, the consultation fees are automatically credited. 

A 1/2 Hour consultation is only $99. To book your consultation please fill out this form and a requested time and Kevin will contact you. 

Note: Mold Inspections are complementary to, and not a substitute for a full building inspection.

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